Explore 75+ display tanks packed with hundreds of

amazing freshwater and sea species

"A twisting maze of underwater colour and  beauty!"

Your aquarium ticket will be valid all day for the date purchased, so you can come and go as you please. With more than 75 displays, and 2,000+ residents (!), we are constantly expanding and introducing new features to the aquarium and our surrounding attractions - such as the latest Piranha tank, SeaLab extension with microscope, lobster hatchery project, spectacular jellyfish breeding tanks and huge coral display that the kids can climb inside.

Below are a few video examples to give you a snapshot of our many stunning displays:

Waterfall Cascade

Our Aquarium begins with freshwater displays where you can see all of the native sea life of our local streams, ponds & rivers. We display many fascinating species such as different breeds of carp, alongside barbel, chub, perch, minnow and many more. Bleak, gudgeon, roach and rudd are also on display. Watch how hungry the big carp always look!

Shark and Ray Pool

The Shark & Ray Pool is a great display of native shark & skate species as well as tub gurnard, turbot, plaice, halibut & even a couple of cuckoo wrasse hiding within the rocks! The rays are very sociable and will often come up to the surface to get some attention from visitors. Unfortunately visitors cannot touch the fish due to updated health and safety rules in zoo licensing.

Tropical Marine Reef

We have a number of Tropical Marine Reef displays, with newcomers in the recently extended SeaLab. Take your time and relax amid the prismatic colours and hypnotic movement!

The Ship Wreck

Sunken ships make an optimal home for many species. Inside the Ship Wreck you'll see species that prefer to live at a greater depth of the ocean, hidden away in the rocks & camouflaging into their surroundings. Take some time to experience the silent depths!

The Deep Reef

Watch in amazement as our monstrous gilthead bream and giant pollock lurk amid the deep reef. What adventures can you imagine happen in the murky depths?!